Marrakech Grand Prix May 1st-3rd

I need some help here.

The website is in French, and the English version is not complete.

I am looking at buying tickets to attend this inshAllah. Can I buy them online? Can someone let me know on that site what it says in regards to purchasing tickets?


Salam Stealth, bikhir? :slight_smile:

I checked the website and it says that you can order tickets online, but there is no purchase page whatsoever. What they have is a sales service contact, and they said that they reply within 24 hours. So my suggestions is that you write to the sales person here:

Salam SM, labasse alhamdollah, kidayra?

Thanks for the e-mail address.

L7mdolillah, I am fine too :).
I hope that you’ll get useful information from them. Otherwise, I can always help of you need me.

Thanks SM. I managed to buy some tickets. :smiley:

That’s great, stealth. I hope that you’ll enjoy it :).


[quote=LallaAïcha]I guess so, he goes to Morocco like every month or what? that is so not fair! :smiley:

SM, if he had any photos, what more could they be than CARS, CARS AND… RACE CARS? :smiley: me not interested thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: but then again if he has photos of Marrakech itself, then pourquoi pas?[/quote]

[quote= LallaAïcha ]that’s awesome stealth, good thing you enjoyed yourself with the wifey :smiley: Lah yhfdekom (spelling?)
Anyway we’d love to see pictures of beautiful MAGHREB :smiley:
Bsalama 3lik.[/quote]