Marilyn's Back From Morocco?

I see someone’s pseudo online :^^:.
Marilyn, is your vacation over? Come over here and tell us all about it!
Welcome back!

Oh, sorry I missed that topic, what a shame:sorry:
It is too much honnor, a topic on my holiday!

I try to tell you all a bit off it:

I did a wonderfull trekking in the high Atlas, 6 days. I would like to post some photos but I don’t know if that is possible?
We slept in the open air, looking at the stars. People are so nice there, we were invited for diner with them and of course it was a pleasure to talk darija with them. Some people only spoke berber, but with most of them I had a nice chat.
After the trek we visited Skoura and the lovely palmeraie. But it was so hot there… so we escaped to the mountains again, near Marrakech, Telouet. We did a daywalk to a lake and had a lovely swim.
And then half a day in Marrakech to visit our morrocan friends, and back to Belgium.
I am so found of that country… within to months I’ll be back!!!:cool:

Of course you can post photos. Do you know how to? Need help?
I was in Marrakech last week. Too hot, too crowded!

Wecome back Marilyn !

nice to have you back :smiley:

please show us the photos :smiley:

The photos! The photos! The photos!!! :plz:


With pleasure, can you explain me how to post them?:recherche:

for example, you can go on the website named Shack

Then you click on “parcourir”, you choose on you computer the photo you want to show, then you click on “host it” and it opens a new window, in which you will find differents links. Choose the “Thumbnail for forums (1)” link, you do a “copier/coller” and you put it in you post on this forum.

you get:

(la rivière Langevin sur l’Ile de la Réunion)

You can choose other links to get differents images, but I don’t know precisely how it works.

You can follow the same steps Elise explained with, and there you choose the link for forums. You’ll get images posted in their original size, and not thumbnails.

Weel, so far so good: my photos are on the site, but I can’t copy them to the forum: what did I wrong???:oops:

You should copy the link you’re given there for each photo and paste it here for the photo to be posted!
Give it a try.

The first one, Tbant a little village near M’goun

In the M’goun maountains

wow it’s wonderfull!
A friend living in Azilal told us about theses places. We were on the other side of Tbant and the Mgoun, we were not very far from you!
If we can go back to Azilal next spring, it seems that we will follow the same road as yours… And it’s great because yours photos shows very beautiful things!
Thanks! :smiley:

With pleasure, I passed by Azilal! Even in summer this is great, in the mountains it is not too hot.

Very beautiful photos. I should go trekking too :D.

3lash la?

Ahhhhhhh SM! B lfara7!! ! It could be funny!
We could organise a little travel l’3am jjay! :ok:
Pas obligatoirement un treck, shi atay w 7lwa bzzâf, confortablement installé(e)s bash discuter de tout et de rien, ça serait très sympa aussi! :^^: