Man Finds Out Bees Are Sharing His House

After the story of the man who finds a woman living in his closet in Japan, now let’s go straight to the United States, with the man who finds this time thousands of bees living in his house.

[quote]CONCORD, N.C., June 16 (UPI) – A North Carolina man says he found out he was sharing his home with about 60,000 bees after he noticed honey oozing out a wall.

Mark Jones said he learned about the bees after tasting a mysterious liquid coming out of a wall in his Concord, N.C., home.

He was surprised to find out the liquid was honey produced by thousands of bees living behind the wall, WYFF-TV in Greenville, S.C., reported.

“I came over here and dipped my finger in it and tasted it. Sure enough, it was honey coming out of the wall,” Jones said.

Beekeepers removed most of the insects with a vacuum Sunday after Jones and his wife decided it wasn’t right to kill them, the newspaper said.

Keepers said the leftover bees will leave soon because they no longer have a hive there.[/quote]

Tasting a mysterious liquid coming out of your walls, isn’t that a strange thing? What if it wasn’t honey?

60,000 bees? really amazing that he never noticed his …joint tenants.:hm:

What surprises me is that bees are not soundless, if there is one single bee in the room you’d practically hear it. Let along 60,000 bees! Very incredible!