Making adjectives feminine

Is the general rule “Add an a?”

waa3r - difficult (m)
waa3ra - difficult (f)

nqii - clean (m)
nqiia - clean (f)

rkhiiS - cheap

I took a guess at the feminine ones from the knowledge I have, so please correct me if i’ve got this completely wrong :smiley:

You got it right. We have a small lesson on feminine on the website.
I guess that you didn’t see the website?

By the way, waa3r can also mean cool.
Ex: Waa3r 3endkom had site = You got a cool website here.

wa3r is also dangerous if we r talkin about animals … wa3r 3ndkom had lkelb :wink:

Oh thanks! I’d seen the website, just not the page on feminine forms :).

Wa3r 3endkom had lkelb? I believe that has something to do with a dog, but im not sure on the meaning?

PB forgot to add the translation :hit:

But it’s the same structure as my sentence.
So yes, he meant: You got a dangerous dog.

Aaaah! This is crazy! I thought “3endkom” was a form of to have? I am utterly lost now :(. I get the fact that wa3r means a number of different things :smiley:

je demande des excuses mainnooooooooooooooooooon :frowning:

Right, sorry. I thought it was PB, I don’t know why.

Let’s make thing clearer then.
Besides “I have”, 3endi can also mean “at my place/home” (chez moi).
Ex: Ajiw 3endi ghedda = Come to my house tomorrow.
It can also simply mean “to me”.
Ex: Aji 3endi hna = Come to me here.

So it depends on the context.
For my example, and Mad’s, 3endkom meant you have!

wa3r 3ndkom had lkelb = 3endkom kelb wa3r = You have/got a dangerous dog.

lol admin … sorry isnt enough for me :stuck_out_tongue:

well admin explain it all … im gonna only add sth about the pronounciation : so in casa for example ( and 3roubia too ) they say “3dna” instead of 3endna , and 3dkom for 3endkom … etc