Hi - I was trying to figure out how and where to check my private messages, I couldn’t… it’s kind of hard to locate or im just dumb :slight_smile:

No, you’re not dumb.

I just replied to this question of yours by e-mail, but let me repeat that here, in case someone else is wondering as well. In the forum, when you send messages, they are directly sent to the person’s inbox… the e-mail they had provided upon registration. Within your account here in the forum, you don’t have an inbox, nor a sent items folder. Everything is in your own inbox.

Ah ok that’s explain it all :slight_smile: I thought there a built in inbox :wink: thank you!! btw i’m still waiting for you reply concerning the darija lessons :slight_smile:
Thank you

I actually sent you an e-mail before posting my answer above. I replied to your question about the mailbox, and about your forum.

btw , SM i have an idea…
Instead of having the pm sent to our email
y dont we have it sent to the site :slight_smile:

I should add a private messaging system then.
Man, I am so much behind with all the good suggestions you guys have been bringing up so far. I should really get on some upgrades.
Please bear with me :).

The most important is that you keep helping us with darija everything else is just a bonus :slight_smile:

hehe this is what you get from being a dedicated webmaster :slight_smile: there’s always room for improvement just step by step and everything will be fine just like it is now.