what does mahmouma mean

choukran d’avance

on this webpage it says that mahmouma means “the world is sad” which im not so sure of… we’ll see what PB and others have to say

yeah im wondering…cuz i know hamma, ihtimam, mohim, mahma…does it mean something like ‘doesn’t matter’ or ‘isn’t important’?

“mahma” does not belong to the family. it’s different.

Mahmouma = (she is) concerned, scared, thinking too much, afraid…etc
It may also mean “full of hamm” (hamm = concern/fear/doubt…etc)

What L.Aicha found is probably the translation for the song by Nass el Ghywan called “mahmouma”.
& it says: mahmouma ya kheyi mahmouma = it’s too concerning (this life) my brother ! too concerning.

hmmm yeah what is the root of mahma…i assumed it was related bc i just know a song they say ‘mahma kan ya zaman, mahma darit al ayam’ and my friend said mahma means ‘it doesn’t matter’…i’m confused…

yes, i know this song…i really like how it sounds but not too sure what it means, so i guess i’ll start with the title and try to find out more!

last question here: mahmouma- can we find this construction in fusha or only darija

It doesn’t matter - no matter - whatever - regardless

Absolutely, it’s fos7a at 1st place :slight_smile: