it doesnt matter, dont worry about it? but where does it come from literally, what are some other conjugations that we hear? llah y3atikom l3azz

Ma binatnash litterally means: not/nothing between us.

According to different context it might mean the following:

  • It’s ok nevermind : when u thank someone for doing u a favor, he expresses modesty by saying “ma binatnash”, meaning that we’re much closer (friends/brothers) than to thank me for a favor or concider it a favor at first place.

  • shame on you : when you doubt or suspect someone that u know about certain thing, like asking wether he lied to u or not, he may say “ma binatnash”, for the same reasons above.

  • has nth to do with me: when u’re asked about someone that u don’t wanna be related to, u say either “ma binatna waloo” or “ma bini w bino waloo”

Otherwise, “mabinatnash” can have it’s usual & natural meaning as “nothing between us” , like when asked about someone, u reply “ma binatnash shi7aja/3ala9a” = there isn’t any real/serious relation between us.

PB has explained everythin tbarkllah 3lih im gonna add only a conjug…

mabinatnach , when ur talkin about urself and another person or group of person

mabinathomch , when ur refering to them

mabinatkomch , when u wanna mean YOU ( plural)

alf choukr PB w the M.A.D. gangster