Ma cherie - Cheb Rayan & Rima

anybody listened to this song?? i wanna know what is being said at the start in the conversation… Rayan says eh Rima and she says na3m then he goes ana bagheek u bagheek khatbak… (correction?) … etc. and then she says walla sa3ab (?) im so lost with it, can anyone translate??

and i like it when he says lech?? :smiley:


ya , i like this song

that’s nice to know but i want to know what they are saying at the start :unsure:

i love this song! this is my favourite Rayan song!
ana wenti wa zman touil, hta ndirha wenendem and golol mama are also great!

u want the translation or the lyrics?


Lol i think MR backed away on her offer :stuck_out_tongue: Please reconsider :smiley: