Lyrics to Raiss Tijani

Peace be unto you!

I am so grateful for SimplyMoroccan informing me of this forum. Thank you so much. I have just recently been turned on to Moroccan Rap and one of my favorite songs thus far is Raiss Tijani - I play it everyday.

I am hoping someone could transcript the lyrics for me - I am in no rush - so even piece meal would be so appreciated. I just can’t wait. Tbaraka Allahu fik! Jaka Allahu Khair! Beslamah


Its in Berber I think, I dont understand it :stuck_out_tongue:

I just love the sounds of the words, the melody and the music. It seems as if it is mostly French and I don’t speak french. There are a few Darija words I understand. MerhBa Alif Merhba then something like A funky Amezzy – Merhba, Ashkadawa ---- respect lRaiss oo Shemm LHawa (the sky not the other!):hm: and a few others that are close to MSA words. But any help would be great appreciated. Thanks Sara.

there is no lyrics available from internet, so you should ask someone to write it for ya.

Fahd, it’s that Sara didn’t find the lyrics online that she came here to see if someone can write them down for her :). Even if it’s rap, some parts are a lilttle bit unclear for me.
I’ll get back here in a few seconds with a few lines. Anyone from the members speaking Berber (Hello Fahdos :D) can join in and complete the lyrics.
In a few.

that’s a good idea

First 47 seconds :smiley:

Tijani radio, come on

Wa halalay dalalay
Oh yeaaaah -lol-
Aytma n tmazrit
My brothers from the homeland
Ssfldat usays adi n Tijani Raissi
Listen to this song of raiss Tijani (Not sure about the word asays in this context)

Wa halalay dalalay
Oh yeaaaah
Aytma n tmazrit
My brothers from the homeland
Ssfldat usays adi n Tijani gmatnghi
Listen to this song of our brother Tijani

Mr7ba alf mr7ba
Welcome, a thousand welcome
Funky Amazigh, mr7ba
Welcome, funky Berber
… je fusionnerai blm7bba
… that I’ll mix with love (a word is missing there)
Asays a7wash en direct de la Kasbah
A song and dancing directly from the Kasbah
Ashkad awa, aya l7bab
Come here, loved ones
Avec Tijani et lgnawi des shabab
With the guys Tijani and Lgnawi
Ashkid awa, … kawkawa
Respecte le raiss et shemm lhawa
Respet the raiss and smell the air

Mr7ba alf mr7ba
Welcome, a thousand welcome
Aux sonorités tashl7it soussi
With the Soussi Berber melodies
Juste afous ashkid ne te fais pas de soucis
Just clap (with your hand), come, do not worry

Ntmenna kull shi mezyaan laki! Tbaraka Llah 3lik oo Llah irhem Waldik

I pray Allah gives you everything that is good. May God bless you and have mercy on your parents.

Ma Kaynin sh l-Klam lli zaw f-mahellhum bash neshkurak (nshekrak - I am not sure of the vowelling in Darija) 3l had lemziya l-mezyaana oo khair kbir bezzaf!!!

Thank you so much SimplyMoroccan - you are Simply Marvelous .

I am truly appreciative Khtek Sara

I am glad I got all these prayers :). You’re most welcome a khti, I am delighted this was useful to you.
7tta n3awd nkmml lik dak shi lli bqa in sha Allah.

Happy New Year!

t3llmt kull shi min had l-ghunya hetta daba. Ana Majuwdah l_zid insha Allah. Baraka llah fik

Fuqaash Ma tqdiri.

Shukran bezzaf

Khtek Sara

i like this song, j’aime cette chanson
kent kan sma3ha fe sayf bezaaf fe 2m ou radio 2m …lol

Hetta Ana. 3jbatni bezzaf.