Lyrics from DOUZI

[color=#BC20DE]Bonjour à tous ![/color]

[color=#BC20DE] J’apprends l’arabe toute seule et avec l’aide d’une amie marocaine (hit ana kenbghi el maghreb bzaaaaaf) et j’aime bien apprendre des langues grace aux musiques.
Est ce que quelqu’un pourrait m’écrire les paroles (écriture arabe si possible) de Douzi “laayoune aynia” et “ghyabak tal”.

            Choukran bzaf ![/color]

[color=#BC20DE] Anne[/color]

[color=#D914EA]Ok, maybe I have to write it in english … sorry ! [/color]

[color=#D914EA] Hi everybody ! [/color]

[color=#D914EA] I’m learning arabic (particularly arabic) and I was asking if someone could write me the lyrics of “laayoun” and “ghybatak tak” from Douzi ! I reaaly like those song and I think that learn lyrics is a good way to learn a language[/color]

[color=#D914EA] I’m missing morocco soooo much ![/color]

[color=#D914EA] Choukran wa leila saida ![/color]

[color=#D914EA] Anne[/color]

Can you provide links to the songs ?

Yes, of course !


        Enjoy ! :)

I’ll try to post lyrics & translation by tomorow morning, i can’t play the songs now, i don’t have headphones.
i have the speaker but it’s midnight & everybody’s sleeping.

Choukran bzaf !!!

You know, last year I was in Assilah, it s the most beautiful city I ever saw … wawww, so niiice ! Brit narja3 !!!

… If you can write it in arabic (with arabic letters), it s perfect !

      Wish you a good day !


This is the second song, which i found a comment for the video in which half of the lyrics is given,

[large]??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
you’re the one with whom my hope is fulfilled

??? ??? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ???
I’ll never get used to any one but you, i’m used to you besides me

??? ?? ??? ???
i missed you, but you didn’t show mercy

??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ???
you’re away for a long time, i missed you my life

??? ??? ??? ???
my heart still asks about you

??? ??? ??? ???
my love towards you is rising

??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ???
My mind is wodering, always thinking of you

??? ??? ??? ???
i didn’t receive any messages from you

??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ???
i’ve been patient for a long time, where can i find you, my beauty

??? ?? ??? ???
i can’t stand being away from you[/large]

For layoone song, the same i only could provide a part of the lyrics

[large]??? ???
? ??? ??? ???
? ??? ??? ?? ???, ? ??? ???
? ??? ??? ?? ???, ? ??? ???

??? ?? ??? ???
??? ? ??? ? ??? ???

??? ! ? ??? ??? ???
??? ! ? ??? ??? ???
??? ! ? ??? ??? ???

Translation :

Layoone is my eyes
& the Saqya lehamra is for me
& the wad is my valley, the wad is my valley

We’re going on the hands of safety
Allah & the messenger & the Qur’an are with us
Oh Allah…& the lights of truth are preceding us to there (x3)

Layoone (the fountains), Saqya lhamra ( the red irrigator/water channel) & wadi dahab (valley of gold) are cities & regions in the southern Moroccan desert.

This Douzi guy seems like some RAI singers that spell words in a way that makes it hard for people to figure out what he’s saying, also Layoone song is mixed in a way that caused me same problem…i even looked for the original version by Jil Jilala, i found an old recording which didn’t help much (u know that Douzi’s layoone is not the original version don’t u ?)

Sorry, i did my best.

[quote=Aicha-anne]Choukran bzaf !!!

You know, last year I was in Assilah, it s the most beautiful city I ever saw … wawww, so niiice ! Brit narja3 !!![/quote]
Cooooooooool, just came from there last monday, i witnessed last rain (perhaps) for this year there, & enjoyed a mixture of winter/spring climate with a lil heat that seemed nice for some swimming…

if u wish to come back, i’ll grant u a lil trip through this pics from my 2008 winter holiday :slight_smile:

Paperbird, i watched this video to :gb:

I like it much !!

Thank you very very much paperbird for your help ! Wawww, you did a lot, so nice ! It helps me a lot, choukran !

And your video is also nice, just want to come back :slight_smile: Soon inch allah !

Merci merci, see you ! 


PS : I knew that “laayoun” was something famous, I mean the lyrics, but I didn t know that exactly this song was not the original

Here’s the original version from 1976 by Jil Jilala (Jilala generation) group


Thank you very very much paperbird to have take the time to write it ! So nice from you ! I’m really happy to have the lyrics, I’m listening and singing those songs all the time now :wink:

Your video about Asilah is beautiful, it makes me want to come back soon ! I’m missing morroco :(*

Choukran bzaf mezal, lioum sai3d

      Anne !

ups … i didn’t saw that my first reply was here … :slight_smile: