"love" as a closing to a letter

salam again! i was wondering how to say “love,” as a closing to a letter to a female friend in arabic (msa). shukran!

ma3a l’7obb (with love), however, if she’s only a friend, the word might not fit.

you have: ma3a = with
& you have: l7obb (love), a tta9dir (apreciation), al i7tiram (respect).

you can say: with love & respect, with love & apreciation or with respect & apreciation.
or you can say only one of the three expressions.
If she’s not your lover, i personnaly suggest: with respect & apreciation, that would be: ma3a l i7tira wa ta9dir :ok:

yuo can still be cooler & say my love/my apreciations/my respect (7obbi/ta9diri/i7tirami or ma3a 7obbi wa i7tirami)

i gave you the basics, you form your own word :wink:

thank you so much for your reply! if it makes things clearer, i’m a girl lol…i’m writing to a girl friend of mine


:blush: m’kay , no much difference :mdr: