Lotfi (double kanon) Algerian rapper

I’m not that much into rap, but “Lotfi” (double kanon) is exeptional & he equals “Muslim” from Morocco.

these are some titles from his wonderful Album “Kauchmar” 2008.

Ah ya lebhar (O sea !)

El portable (the cell phone)

Kauchmar (nightmare) <— this is the best.

El Khawana (the traitors)

listen to full album in Dounia Music . com


I like him toooo, he has a song called 7arb shshaytan i think… a response to the terrorists & at the beginning it has a piece from the film arrisala (The Message)… its great i think!

“7arb shaytan” ? i think you mean “Jihad Ibliss” :ok:

hahahahaa yessss! my memory is an interesting creature :smiley: thanks PB!