Looking to get a tattoo- need translation please

I have Moroccan blood in me and I wanted to get a tattoo dedicated to a friend that passed away and my Grandparents.
Could someone please translate the following phrases for me?

[color=#7f5da1]Never Forget[/color]

[color=#7f5da1]Always Remember the past[/color]

[color=#7f5da1]True family lies in those you’ll never forget[/color]

[color=#7f5da1]Free Spirit[/color]

----------Thank you so much!!!---------- :smiley:

Never Forget [large]?? ???[/large][large][/large]
Always Remember the past [large]??? ??? ???[/large][large][/large]
True family lies in those you’ll never forget [large]??? ??? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???[/large][large][/large]
Free Spirit [large]??? ???[/large][large][/large]
I translated them in MSA because im not so sure of the darija translation