Looking for andalousi lyrics in Arabic

Is there any way I could get a hold of the lyrics to bajedoub songs in arabic script on the internet?
I would love to have the arabic lyrics to those songs they are so beautiful!!!
please let me know if you can help!!!

Do you want to link us to any of the songs so we can help you find lyrics?

here is a bajdoub song!

thanks I’ll upload one more too

here is the second link!
I don’t know the names of the songs! sorry!!

hey marroquina, i listened to a bit from each, if there were titles it would make my life much much much easier :slight_smile: I looked up bjedoub’s tracks on a site called 4shared.com but couldn’t find any that sounds like your songs… sorry… inchallah someone else can help you out :slight_smile:

ok, I’ll look for the titles
thanks for trying!