Looking for a Moroccan PenPal to practise/learn moroccan?

Assalamu Alaykom,

My name is Aaliyah and i am new to these forums.
I was just looking for someone to practice/learn more of Moroccan -Arabic.
Am i in the right forum?

Thank you,


I believe you are.

Many people learned lots of stuff here, some come & ask for a translation & they get what they want, you can benifit from that…
& others keep asking about specific words & rules in Darija (Moroccan Arabic) & u can benifit from that too, u can also check the old posts, or start with the lists on the home page (of the site not the forum)…

Otherwise, u can still ask your own questions & discuss your own issues with Darija…
Good luck :hat:

Ok cool
Thanks so much for your reply, I already picked up a few words from other posts that you write

welcome dude ur in the right place as PB said :wink: … u only have to ask a loooooooot of questions … and we r ready to answer :wink: … maybe a lil bit late lolll