look into my eyes - Outlandish

really love this song
issam have a moroccan background


ohhhh more OL fans over here loooolllll

owww yeah they rock

alright, I have a question: is Issam married? how old is he?

i’m just wondering because it’s crazy how he is making all the girls crazy. the guy should get married if he isn’t already, so that all the girls lost interest in him lolll

owww ur right i dont know if he is married or not i just like the music thats all

Nice song

i know its amazing

Outlandish is coool :okay:

By the way Isam was born in Denmark :ok:

lool he is married :stuck_out_tongue:

yes that right. doudie:she answerd you he is married
yaaayy too bad for the crazy girls out there

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

he’s the frickin best… wellah, him and his group

i know LA ufff

look into my eyes, tell me what you seee you don’t see a daaaaaamn thing, coz you can’t relate to me.

here’s a song they wrote JUST FOR ME :smiley:


but Cheb Khaled’s version is way better

owww yes this song is also rocks true the original is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better

yeahhh =)

yeah i like im calling u though the music is actually from the song of amr diab tamali maak but there version is amazing

ohhhh u kidding me, i was obsessed with that song for soooo long… heyy i didn’t know you were an el moro fan too :smiley: yay

el moro ??? who ?? are u talking abt amr hmm not a big fan he have some good songs but i dont like him actually

no nooo i mean outlandish, they call themselves moros or outlandmoro, and when you’re a fan you become a moro too :smiley: tamally m3ak is a greatttt song by amr diab btw, i have so many memories with it

owwwwwwww i love them tey have some great songs . hmmmm LA i have to thats why i started to hate it actually (tamali maak)