3alaaam ce video…its good darija practice especially if you speak french then you can use the subtitre…this is how to keep it really REAL moroccan style (in my opinion)…hadchi maghrebi bzaaaf …ga3 tyd7akni

maybe someone if they like it (or just like me) can reply with the link embedded…i still have no idea how :SSSSSSS

tbarak llah 3lekom

Here you go achminfar9 !

shukran / ??? pakyrus

(ash kay3ni ‘pakyrus’ / ?? ??? ‘pakyrus’ / What does ‘pakyrus’ mean ?)

@ Ach:
You can only embed Youtube videos here, and yours was from Dailymotion.
For Youtube videos, just put the link between [youtube] and [/youtube], and it works.

@ Lise:
Good to see you around :).
Remember about Shukran? No waaw and no noon: ???

:roll: I’m so out of practice ! (How do you say that in darija?)

[quote=lise_c]shukran / ??? pakyrus

(ash kay3ni ‘pakyrus’ / ?? ??? ‘pakyrus’ / What does ‘pakyrus’ mean ?)[/quote]
you’re welcome :slight_smile: pakyrus doesn’t mean anything special just took the word papyrus (egyptian paper) and changed a letter

for I’m so out of practice ! I would say
ma b9ach 3endi m3a l 3arbia
ma b9itch 3a9l (a) 3la l 3arbia