lmaghrib yosawi? darboooka o 9A3da-


mn had lminbar-

merci d’avance mes amies les plus cool

lma3your- or sebban = swearing

lmaghrib yosawi? darboooka o 9A3da- Morocco equals to darbooka (musical instrument, kind of drum) and 9a3da is also a musical instrument which is btw the container used by women for washing clothes…it makes strange sounds when they kick it with their feet (some people believe it’s the origin of Flamenco’s tapping of feet :p)

tt- this is dirty. it means mast***

mn had lminbar = From this pulpit. On Fridays the imam stands on the minbar to give his khutbah (sermon); minbar is like podium, a place where you give speeches from that allows you to reach an audience.


had to edit it guys, hope you’re fine by that… and ach, dunno where u got it from but u gotta watch out with who u befriend my friend :no:

wau wau lolllllll oops…dial youtube tyhadrou 3la wa7ida maghribia katghani blanglais chi blues aw lli bghiti t9oul :S

sorry lalla did it stain your virginwhite ears :open_mouth:

stuff u man im just doing my job

im sorry lalla now theres no turning back…youve been corrupted safi…:stuck_out_tongue:

good job keep up the good work :smiley:

i was all windex clean until you brought this word along