llah y3atik lsir

when do we use this and what is the exact meaning

choukran ya ahl SM

u mean llah y3tek ster … its used like please

…& it means , mat Allah grant/bestow on you his “cover” (i.e some kind of protection)

yeah! sterr. thanks pb.

And you say Allah yester when you see something weird, or you do something weird.

:yuck: mat allah !!! fou9ach ??? … i can do whatever i want now :stuck_out_tongue: … there is no heaven and hell ?
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy :^^:

i add another expression to the one of ADMIN : llah yb9i ster = when u c someone doin sth really weird


ohhh … false alarm then :cry:

thanks for the extra phrases admin and mad…the meaning of when you do something weird is the one that made sense to me, but y3atik lstirr is only for saying please though huh?