llah ghalib

what does it literally mean when do you use it is there an appropriate response when someone says it to you like you told them go back to school no more excuses and they said llah ghalib

llah 7afdkom davance jjjjj

llah ghalib = Allah is the dominant i.e whatever he’s decided will happen at last.

It’s usually said when you fail to achieve sth…like i tried to do that thing but llah ghalb !

I workd hard & revised well, but failed at the exam…lah ghalb.
I can’t continue translating for peopel alone on this forum…i’m quiting, llah ghalb :stuck_out_tongue:

jjjjjjjj noooooooo pbbbbbbb we love and appreciate you!!! dont leave!!!

hey what does rezal?? mean…as in chehale rezale someone wrote :stuck_out_tongue: