little translation :)

iwa kona jayin sa3a maktabch =

we were coming but we couldnt

keifach maktabch we couldnt? 3afak ya ragul chrah lna chouia

actualy maktabch doesnt mean we couldnt … but i couldnt find an equivalent in english

so , maktabch comes from the word lmektoub …it means literally ‘‘written’’.muslims believe that everything happens to them is in the knowledge of God and is written down in the heavens,which is also known as the ‘‘destiny’’ ,so anything happens to some one you’ll find somebody saying ‘‘maktoub’’ meaning it’s predestined

ofcourse we r not discussing this in a religious view … so take it like that mr.ACH

lmaktoub is also called “fate” which is a common translation for it in English

ma3loum amad…kont nbaghi lak tzid fina chouia ton immense sagesse :stuck_out_tongue: l3azz

word! so like it didnt happen or we couldnt cuz it wasnt meant to be…in keeping with the meaning of lmaktab/lmektoub

i remember we had a good discussion about mektoub one time remember lalla? it was before mad was born pretty sure…

hmmm i couldnt find it :S it was with SM though

i think we’ve had many, there was one with that proverb 'lmaktoob ma mnno hroub" or something like that…

ok ach i understand u :slight_smile: u wanna be a top poster so quickly hhhhhhhh its normal dude 3adi wellah :wink:

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