little translation :) thanksss

hhhhh 7ram 3lik a khouya adil ,chouf abeer maskina w9e3 liha b7ali lol =

Shame on you brother Adil, look at poor Abeer, it happened to her like it happened to me.

But it doesn’t sound like the person is really sorry, she is rather being sarcastic laughing all along the sentence. She is probably referring to something funny, in a way.

exactly, she/he is saying hhhhh at the beginning so it must be a mocking tone…

so 7aram 3lik/7chouma 3lik are both used to say “shame on you”, anything else?

It’s quite obvious indeed, LA. But when I read PB’s translation without the laughs, it sounded pretty serious, so I just wanted to point that out.

7ram 3lik is sharper than 7chouma 3lik, see, it almost refers to 7aram (forbidden) in religion.
I can’t think of any equivalents right now.

ok thanks sis

L3afw :slight_smile: (which people say sometimes in response to chokran)