little translation from film :) thanksss

“the evil was dazed when he understood how much obscene was the good” =

thanks my friends:^^:
bousa kbira

Oh, that’s definitely a hard one. My translation will sound strange to native speakers, let me tell you. But it’s fun to try to figure out a way to say it in Darija. My translation is not perfect at all.

I suggest:
[large]??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ? ??? ??? ? ???[/large]
Sh-shrr ttSdm mlli 3âq bsh7âl d lfisq kâyn f lkhîr.

And that’s a very evil statement.

chokran okhtiiii , bousa kbira

I don’t find the English statement to be very natural. Is it a translation of a translation?

I find the English totally garbled. It doesn’t make sense at all to me.
‘evil’ can’t be dazed. Could it be the evil one or the evil person ? and is ‘the good’ the good person or goodness ?
And how can a good person or goodness be obscene ?

I’m wondering where the quote comes from ?

Maybe Abeer can tell us what movie she was talking about.
Let me tell you, anyone reading my Darija sentence will think the same of it: it’s totally garbled.
I think though that good and evil are used in a figurative way. But I still agree that the sentence is totally messed up.