little conversation between 2 persons

Hi everyone.
Hope someone can help me with this translation.

ini ichtakto laki
na3am/ bi la chak

sahih = true
na3am bi la chak = yes without any fallacies

the rest can’t be bothered with and don’t understand anyway… this isn’t moroccan, it looks fos7a to me or mid eastern

It’s fos7a indeed, ya Lalla Aicha, maa ra2yoki?

The conversation starts by a guy talking, then a girl, then the guy, and so on.

ini ichtakto laki = I missed you
sahih = Really?
na3am/ bi la chak = Yes, no doubt
hal sahih ank ichtakta li wa ila ai had = Is it true that you missed me? To what extent?
wa astana bi farikh assabr roeyatik = And I am looking forward to seeing you
kam kana iakhosoni min lwakt lisama3 hada lkalam mink = It took you too much time for me to hear that from you
iniki ta3rifina kam ohibboki walam akol = You know how much I love you, even I don’t say it
atamana ; lam takon tatamana mada = I wish… what weren’t you wishing for?
ini atamana anaki ta3rifina hobbi lak = I wish that you knew about my love for you
a3rif lakin la darar fi ata3bir min lhin lilakhar = I know, but there is no harm in expressing feelings from time to time

Thank you a lot for your help. Thank you really.

Mali, I have an advice for you.
It would be better if you post short bits of text many times, and thus have more chances to have different people stop by 5 minutes each and help you, than actually post that one long thing that will turn everybody off, and never get an answer. Remember that we help people here for free, because we like to. So honestly, and no offense, a long thing like that looks more like a punishment or a homework than an enjoyable act of kindness :).

Besides, we also like to know what we’re helping you with… So…are you spying on someone?

Well… done in PM.

thanks for everything