little bit of translation needed

wafin a anss va 3likk

You either mistyped it, or it has typos originally.
The message is addressed to someone called Anas, I assume.

“Hey Anas, where have you been? How are you?”

yeah thats the way it was spelled. thanks!

Feel free to introduce yourself in the new comers forum.

Hello there Missmagu… I can’t help wondering as I wander… are you married to Mr Magoo? (if you don’t know who that is, look up the movie {or the comic strip/books} about Mr. Magoo.) …oh, and since you are brand new, I hope you won’t think I am making fun of you if it has nothing to do with it. I am just trying to express that I, despite rumors to the contrary, do have a sense of humor… possibly a mutilated, abstruse and inappropriate sense of humor, but a sense, no less.