I’d welcome suggestions on interesting Moroccan authors to read. Especially female writers, but anything is of interest. I’ve just started reading Mernissi; what else would you recommend? One problem is, it’s quite hard to find Moroccan authors here…

Also tips on Arabic literature are interesting :slight_smile:

Malika Oufkir - Stolen Lives: Twenty Years In A Desert Jail

It’s a must read book for sure :ok: :cry:

Thank you for the tip - shall look it up next time in the library! :albert:

Ouch! Mernissi… you need an anthidote, something to open eyes and minds: Mohamed Choukri, “The naked bread” (el-khobz el-Hafi)

yeah, the English title is “For bread alone” (French title ‘Le pain nu’)

Books I know of by female authors translated or written in English ;

‘Hope and other dangerous pursuits’ Laila Lalami ( now lives in America ) - She also has a new book out, can’t remember the title. And she has a blog.

‘Year of the elephant’ (A Moroccan woman’s journey towards independence) by Leila Abouzeid (translated by Barbara Parmenter), Pub. University of Texas

Another book you might be interested in is an autobiography by Brick Oussaid “Mountains forgotten by God”
(The story of a Moroccan Berber family), Pub. Three Continents Press

Other well-known writers are Tahar Ben Jelloun, Driss Chraibi, Abdellatif Laabi. I’m not sure how many of their books have been translated into English. You can google Moroccan authors, and several books are available through e.g.

Yes! Thank you, lise. I surely was thinking on “the naked breakfast”, the burroughs novel wrote in Tanger :hap:

From all this books you say I’ve only read 3 from Tahar Ben Jalloun, who is moroccan but he writes in french. It’s ok.