lilat l qadr

Salam Aleikum

how is celebrated this important night? it’s night of destiny and it’s one of the nights in the last ten days of ramadan…
are there special dishes for this occasion?.. and it’s this the occasion where men wear khol? why they do that?


wa aleikom essalam :slight_smile:

In laylat elqadr - which could be the night of any odd number after 20 Ramadan 21, 23, 25, 27, 29.-
people pray and make duaa and read the Quran all the night because it’s a very holy day and it was the first night angel Jibreel recited the Quran to Muhammad peace be upon him.
In the Quran God says that this night is better than 1000 months, in this night the angels come down to the earth, and it is a night of peace…

I don’t know any special dishes and I don’t know what khol is… :sorry:

KHOL is eyeliner powder

yes now I understood it’s like k7ol :ok:
but I don’t know any men who wear it during laylat elqadr…

i think some men wear k7ol anyway - it’s sunnah …
i’ve never heard of them wearing it on that night, but i don’t know, possibly :smiley:
but hiba summed it up, really - i have nothing more to add
we like to say the du3a:
Allahomma, innaka 3afuwwun kareemun, tu7ibbal 3afwa, fa3fou 3anna
o Allah, you are a Kind, Forgiving One, you love to forgive, so forgive us

that’s all, really :slight_smile:
it’s recommended to stay up the last third of the night [just before fajr] and just do whatever worship you like, as hiba mentioned

c’est tout :hap:

thank you!! i asked about khol(or K7ol) because a guy told me he used it some night before…:unsure:

no problem !!! :smiley:
and ohh right - i know what you mean :slight_smile:
i guess it’s a personal thing; it is sunnah, so maybe he felt like he wanted to do something extra by wearing it … it makes sense :hap:

yes I think tukha is right :ok::smiley: