lila ka7la w rouge 7la

meaning? figurative one im asking about…

literally : a black night & the “red” looks beautiful.

meaning: this is a catastrophic night, & the red wine is the best for it.

note: ka7la can also mean dark.

thanks man, i didnt think of that meaning of rouge…mostly though, it seems like when i hear ppl say rouge instead of hamr, they are talking about red wine or a stop light haha

the stop light is feu rouge … so rouge is only used for wine :wink:

thats what i mean bro, i was asking, or saying, that i thought that i mostly hear hamr instead of rouge for things, except i know we say just plain ‘rouge’ for vino, and feu rouge…what else za3ma? lli lnass dima tygoulou ‘rouge’ b…

eks rouge = red X

w chnou hiya eks rouge? 7aja dial ltari9?

nah, X 7amra is like when u put an X on sth, u say for example that i’ve put a red X on someone, i aint talkin to him again, or i aint going to a bar again…safi X rouge for Alcohol…& so on.

bkheir llah 7afdak…za3ma safi salet biha

we say in my region ‘‘croi 7emra’’ for the red X of pb looollllll

yeah, we say krwa here too :slight_smile:

here where ??? in casa im sure they do … but if ur talkin about asilah … thats new for me

no, in Asilah it’s spanish EKES

ok i c