OK I know what the following saying means. And when to use it, but I was wondering, why does it have two different meanings? Or am I totally wrong,and it is just slang? B7al ila chi wahid ma chafik, chal hadi, wou kay goulik…

“Soufiane, ash had lghbera a sa7bi, chal hadi ma chifnak.”

ya3ni, what is this hiding (not a direct translation). But you say it to someone who you haven’t seen in a while.

Also it can mean, what is this dust/dirt, is that correct?

Smi7ou liya 3la spelling, ghir kan 3lem daba kif nkteb b darija, walakin 3rft nhder biha.

Although ghbra can refer to two words, they are slightly prunounced differently, and mean different things. In your context, it’s only about one word, and has nothing to do with dust, for which there is a slight damma (o): ghobra.

In your context, ghbra comes from the verb ghbr, to disappear. The most common noun used from ghbr is ghbôr though. You can use it to avoid being confused about your own vocabulary.

Your spelling is alright, don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

PS: I had a blog entry about this word on my blog.

Small correction:

  • Kant3llm. The verb being: t3llm.

Thanks for the help SM!

My pleasure :).