Hello everyone (or anyone),

What I found so far is that khss means lettuce (?) and zbl trash (and I suppose that most people here know what dyal means),
but I still don’t know what ‘Maymkinsh khss kayn il kharra, il zbl, il rH dyal bool…
3alesh?’ means.

So can someone help me out with that?
And if possible also with seyq/seyeq, blass, bi sif and kaysowobni and sowob.



Ehm…it starts with “it’s not possible for lettuce to be”, I think, and then goes into a series of rude words, then ends with “why?” This is a good question, but I’m mystified as to why anyone would ask it.

“Sowob” and “kaysowobni” look like “he did” and “he’s doing for me”, respectively. I’m not sure what the others mean.

Khss in there is not a vegetable, it’s a verb.
KhâSSk/KhSSk = You should/must/have to. The literal meaning is: You need to.
The downside of this revelation is that the sentence wouldn’t make sense then. But let me give you a word by word translation. [Although the words are rude, I am keeping them for learning purposes]

Maykminsh = It’s not possible.
Khss = It’s needed, you need
Kayn = there is
Khra = Sh*t
Zbl = Trash
Ri7a = Smell
Bool = urine.

Hey fish, how did you manage to find such a luxurious pack of words?
If you can give me the context of the sentence, maybe it will clear up a little bit.

Seyeq = to clean the floor, with water.
Sâwb / sowb= to make, prepare, adjust.
Blass = Place
Bssif = Undoubtedly / against one’s will.

Thanks PolyglotWannabe and SimplyMoroccan,

I think that the reason why the sentence doesn’t make sense is that the person who wrote isn’t a native-Moroccan-speaker.

But I have an idea of what he wrote now.

Thanks again.