Learning and translate at same time

Just joined. Met someone who speaks Darija. I’ve been trying to respond but is difficult. Looked at YouTube for help but some things I don’t understand. Even my comments. Please translate the conversation I had.

-Lah ster
-Siri akhty Siri raah rasek dareeek
-oui db

I hope my responses were appropriate

Here you go:

-Lah ster: May God have mercy
-ashnou: What
-Siri akhty Siri raah rasek dareeek: Literally “go, sister, you’re having a headache”. Figuratively: “Sister, you be trippin’”.
-dB: Now
-oui db: Yes, now

Thanks so much. I feel that I learn a lot of common words through conversation but the important things like making the word masculine or feminine is difficult this way. I get by sometimes with the French that I know because he understands that. But I still feel that I could learn faster by using a different method. Do you have any suggestions for me to pick up more Darija quicker?

Please translate one more message I received.

-Ana ghadi ntsanak tji

The one word I’m having difficult understanding is “ntsanak”

[quote=Aminaaa]Please translate one more message I received.

-Ana ghadi ntsanak tji

The one word I’m having difficult understanding is “ntsanak”[/quote]

Ana ghadi ntsanak tji = I’ll wait for you to come.

Ntsanak is from the verb “tsana”, to wait.
Ntsana = I wait
Ntsanak = I wait for you

My usual mantra is: practice, practice, practice.
Make sure you actually use whatever you learn with family and friends so that it sticks.

Wow. It’s been a minute since I’ve needed help. To make a long story short I’ve been able to speak darija with my friend and he responds in darija about half of the time. But this one response he went a bit too fast for me. He did translate to English for me, but I feel he left a few words out. Please help with accurate translation

-Ila galt liiik lhooob makafich a jo
-Ola galt ui kanbghik chno ghadiriii
-O chno ghaytbdel
-O nti aslan htajtk chhal mn mara o. Makntiiich daira feya ti9a

In English he said, I love you but, What do you do and what do you chenge.

Any help is appreciated

what if i told u love isnt enough jo?
and if i told u i like u what are u gonna do
whats gonna change
and i have needed u so many times but u didnt care about me

Thanks. Would you able to translate this as well. I’m clueless with the Arabic characters.

حسن قابييييي مااات وسناني. شرااااات

I did my best trying to copy what was written.

This does not make much sense. Are you sure of the spelling? Can you try a screenshot instead?
حسن = Hasan, male name
قابييييي = Maybe instead of قابييييي it’s قلبي which means my heart
مااات = Is dead or died
وسناني = and my teeth (??)
شرااااات = She bought (??)

Ah, so you mixed up “n” (dot on the letter) and “b” (dot under the letter".
The sentence makes a little more sense now, but it sounds incomplete:
“Hasan, my heart is dead and the reason is she bought…”. Maybe the emojis complete the sentence? Maybe it’s from a song’s lyrics? I looked it up online and couldn’t find anything.

Thanks for such a quick response. This helps a bit. I’m pretty sure this was when he was with a friend named Hassan. I will see where it goes from here.

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Hello help! translate the caption for a photo
مخليهاعلر ربي حبيبي