le moral bien marta7a ?

and sowelt fik hadi

what do these mean??

le moral bien marta7a ? = R u having a good mood, r u feeling comfortable ?

sowelt fik hadi <— doesn’t sound right !! but supposedly it’s : i asked about you since…(unfinished) or it also sounds like: did this (girl) asked about you ?

thanksssssssss, sowelt fik hadi wasn’t complete anyway… it was just ri twa7chtek sowelt fik hadi

ri is ghir right?

ghir = ghi/ri = gha/ra = 3a (3a twa7eshtek…etc) in some areas also: ha/hi

ok thanks so much!!! casawis and chamalis are the hardest to understand no joke

stick with ze generalawi, zas evray boday unestaaand :rap:

lol zey ar veri rare akhoya