l'article- translate into darija please!

le reve et la réalité.
un lac et une forêt.
boire de l’eau ou du lait.

le pays:
les pays:
le héros:

les héros;
la fleur:
les fleurs:
les enfants:

un cadeau:
un enfant:
un homme:
une fleur:
une histoire:
une âme:
des cadeaux:
des roses:
des hommes:
des enfants:

Donny, I don’t speak French and I don’t speak Portuguese; I can tell you that the article in Arabic is the easiest thing in the world; there is only one, and it is “al”= the

The hard thing in Arabic is that every person/gender/number must match, and sometimes that matching involves intentional mismatching.

If you want to say “four girls” you must say “3rba3 banat”, which is the masculine singular word for ‘four’ and the feminine plural word for “girls”.

If you pass the number ten, things get trickier. If you want to say “fifteen girls” you must say “khamsata 3ashara bint”, which means, “the feminine form of fifteen, which, being a number, is hard to say whether it is plural or singular”, then, you must say “girl” which is the singular form of the word girl; I did not accidentally leave off the s. The second word would also have to be in the genitive case, incidentally, which is because it is considered a “tamyeez” ie, a comparison. The word would end like this, “bintin”

Yaaa umma maryam !! the guy asked for translation to “Darija”

le reve et la réalité. = l’7lm w l’7a9i9a
un lac et une forêt. = daya w ghaba
boire de l’eau ou du lait. = shrab l’ma w l’7lib.

le: = el or l’
la: = the same
les: = the same (no matter if its plural)
le pays: l’blad
les pays: l’bldan
le héros: l’batal

les héros; l’abtal
la fleur: l’warda
l’enfant:: e’dderri (no L’ when starting with D,T,S,SH,R & Z)
les fleurs: l’ward or l’wrood
les enfants: e’ddrari

un: wa7d, but we just say the word without “un”, you can say “un” only when someone ask about th number.
une: the same
des: the same
un cadeau: kado, or hdiyya
un enfant: derri - wld
un homme: rajl
une fleur: warda
une histoire: 9issa - tarikh
une âme: ?
des cadeaux: kadowat
des roses: ward - zahr
des hommes: rejjala
des enfants: drari - wlad

I still don’t get why my explanation is wrong… other than the sun and moon letters deal. Sorry.

It’s not wrong, it’s right…but it’s Fos7a ! he asked for Darija translation :slight_smile:

i think une âme is soul, so that would be roo7 in darija? roo7 as in roo7 dialy, and not roo7 as in “go!”

There is one 3 extra in your “four girls”, and one tiny bit of grammar missing. Four girls is actually in Darija: rb3a d lbnât. So the number does take the feminine form, and what you’re applying is the MSA rules.

Correct, except that roo7 doesn’t mean go in Darija. In some Moroccan areas, they say arwa7 or rwa7 for let’s go. But go is sîr.

Donny, je crois que tu n’as pas vu tous les cours qui sont sur le site. Il y a justement un cours sur l’article défini en arabe marocain que je crois te seras utile.

La liste des cours d’arabe marocain que nous avons publié est disponible sur cette page.

Is the use of “d” in there a standard Darija rule where numbers are concerned? I don’t remember hearing about that rule before.

You too then didn’t read this page explaining how to count in Moroccan Arabic, Darija.