Laraki Fulgura: The 100% Moroccan car

Moroccans are not thaaaaat bad… and the car is super duper…

The video is in French


i already posted a pic of his car in the moroccan insolite pix :stuck_out_tongue:
coz its really ‘’ insolites ‘’ … lmeghrib kaysne3 fiat uno/palio top dial 3yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana
w laraki top dial waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3ra :smiley: c pa insolute ca ??
btw his car was the most expensive car in 2008 or 2007 mab9itch 3a9el mezian

I had the feeling that someone might have mentioned it before, I ran a search and found nothing, so I decided to post it anyways… for those of you people who do not know how good Moroccans can be sometimes…
Who’s aiming as high as buying this car?

duuuuuude wellah g raté une occaz pfff kont andkhol l son usine a 3in sba3 a casablanca pr voir kifach katsawb live dakchi mé pfffff maktabch

Hahaha lol i didn’t know that Moroccans made sports cars, its a really nice car… just out of curiosity how much does one Laraki Fulgura :stuck_out_tongue: cost?

gouli wellahh :blink:

:stuck_out_tongue: thanks, i’d seen pics of this car before, not bad at all

tafi it costs more than 450 000 euros

Abooow :open_mouth: only 450 000??? :P… who wants a Laraki Fulgura your very rich auntie Tafoukt will buy you one.

Seriously who buy these cars for 450 000 euros?

those who buy ferraris lambourghinis …