langue ou pas?

salam, salut, hello, azul, shalom, bonjorno,hola…

j’ai juste une p’tit question à vous poser

est ce que vous pensez que le darija est une langue ou cjuste un dialecte?

I think it’s a dialect because Jordanian, Algerian, Saudi, Egyptian… Arabic are also called dialects :smiley:
But there are some languages which are very close to each other and each one is called a language so it can be called a language too :smiley:
that’s what I think :smiley:

As for me, I really do think it’s a dialect. But I think so not in the pejorative way! That’s very cool, moreover it helps more to know this dialect than to know the real classic arabic. Don’t you agree with me?!

Ces dernières années, des chercheurs nationaux en linguistique ont commencé à parler du marocain. Je ne parle pas du citoyen mais de la langue de communication, la langue parlée, la darija.

Dialect, as hiba said cuz all the arabs have their own dialect.


InshAllah Moroccan is just a Dialect :slight_smile: as the difference between a dialect and a languge lays in standardization by the state . A dialect can turn to be a langauge only if we have researches on Psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics , Phonetics , Phonology, semantics , and Pragmatics without forgettin havin put the rules of the language like Grammar .
So, I think it’s a dialect :slight_smile:

yeahh, i’d say it’s a dialect - it sounds so different to standard arabic with lots of different words, but thinking about it, when i’m listening to iraqi in my head now, trying to compare, it also sounds so different with all these new words; when a non-arab hears the iraqi dialect they couldn’t tell it’s arabic, and i think that’s the same with darija … however, what i don’t understand is how i can have such a passion for learning a DIALECT :stuck_out_tongue: for me, it’s like a whooole new language that i’m dying to learn :smiley:

deffo dialect… but a HOT one =]

LOL nice one :wink:

our dialect is really cool

it isssssssssssssssss :D:D
that’s why coool people like me are trying to learn it :wink:

yep and im glad :smiley:

me too :hap:

me threeeeeeeeeee :smiley:
ana tlata :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, officially it’s a dialect, but when I compare one hand italian and spanish and one the other hand moroccan and MSA than for me moroccan is a language.

Arabic is a VSO-language meaning that it has the order verb subject object in a sentence, but in Moroccan the order is SVO as in most languages that’s to linguistics a big difference. I believe more and more it’s a language with roots in arabic. Like french and latin.

One of my Professors was talking about dialects and languages once upon a time, and he pointed out the fact that Arabs do not want to recognize different dialects as different languages because to do so would somehow impugn Arabic as the language of the Qur’an, and the fact that Arabic and its standard is set by the Qur’an. Keeping MSA the standard is effective in maintaining a large area where people speak the same language, Arabic, even if it is not a native tongue to any group of people; it is an acquired language, learned at school.
Kamal Ataturk wanted to divide and conquer, so he made a clear declension from the past by eradicating the Arabic script from the Turkish language. Turkish is actually not well served by the Arabic script, but when the decision was made to switch scripts it cut off the Turkish people from their historical archives; only specially trained people are now able to read them. Most Turkic language speakers are outside of Turkey, and many Central Asian Languages are actually Turkic and Persian dialects. The Soviet Union played the same divide and conquer game by standardizing what previously had been very fluid spoken idioms and naming each dialect in their territories differently and giving them different alphabets, and in that way they managed to instill a sense of separateness among peoples who traditionally didn’t see themselves as very different from one another.
Arabic in Morocco differs so much from that in Yemen or Hadramout as to be virtually mutually unintelligable, but the insistence of the Arabs themselves that only MSA or Classical language is actually Arabic has served as a cultural binder. If each area developed its own standardization rules, that would go away… Maltese is actually an Arabic dialect which has undergone standardization of the type which produces a New Language. It has a lot of Italian in it and is written in Roman script, but it is neither Italian nor Arabic: it is Maltese, and that makes it a very minor language.

The question does remain, though…If the Arabic dialects are not Arabic, then what are they?

thanks for the info ummaryam, walla very informative and interesting. and about the turkish language variation and seperation, i definitely agree. thats exaclty how it is and how it became… chukran 3la informations :smiley:

It’s just like Italian, French, Spanish etc. aren’t any more Latin.

And Atatürk did not only changed the script but also eliminated a lot of Persian and Arabic from Turkish. You need a least a basic knowledge of Persian and Arabic to read old Turkish text. There are not only so many word of that both language in Othmanian Turkish but they used also the grammar of those languages.

Well stated, Nuwwara. But as for the assertion that Arabic Dialects are to MSA as Romance Languages are to Latin, that is an assertion which can bring down a lot of shrapnel. I forgot who it was, but some famous Orientalist took that stand and was very heavily criticized for it. The Romance Languages have, after all, undergone all of the requisite standardization of vocabulary, grammar, etc. etc. and achieved the status of Languages, while the Arabic Dialects, (and I absolutely say that they ARE forms of Arabic) have not.