Language exchange - (French or English)/Darija

Hi everyone,
I’ve been learning Darija on my own for about a year now, and I’m searching for someone to practice with regularly. I already have a good understanding of the language’s constructs. In return, I can help you to improve in either French (native) or English (C2). Just saying that I don’t expect too much to be taught directly, I’m more into discussing casually and correcting each other, asking questions, etc. Reciprocally, I wouldn’t do actual lessons, although this can be discussed eventually. It’d be best to use both voice and text to work on pronunciation as well. Hope you will be interested :slight_smile:

i would like to practice my french and improve on it, in return i will help you with darija.

Aye sure! How should I contact you? I usually use whatsapp, discord or instagram.