what does “Lalla” mean, as in “Lalla Fatima”? Is it a name, or a term of endearment (like “my dear” etc.)?

Also, what does “Bdit nwllf” mean? Is it pronounced like “nwellf”, or “nwllef”?, or… ?


it’s like lady/princess and i think it’s a very gentle and polite word
but need confirmation,it’s just my idea… waiting for help :slight_smile:

There was a detailed explanation of Lalla that i posted about 2 years ago…i just don’t think i can find it now. i’ll try to find it later.
briefly, Lalla is like equivalent to “my lady”, it’s a title to add before a woman’s name, either out of respect, or if she’s superior.

Bdit nwellef means : i started to get along / it’s starting to get familiar

Shukran bzef, ya sarahzina2 wa Paperbird!

Is “lalla” a Darija word or also Standard Arabic? Or maybe common to other regional forms, e.g., Algerian etc.?