L3ayla ?

does that mean “the family” like the fos7a “3a’ila” ?

I think so because in dialect they say “3ele” so l3ayla would prob be the Maghribiya slant on the Fus7a “3a2ila” :slight_smile:

Thank you mini. i thought it had some link, i just want more confirmations though… thanks for your lovely input :okay:

well we cant know … we need to hear it to know if it means family or a girl … coz in the north of morocco they call the girl ‘’ 3ayla ‘’ and the boy ‘’ 3ayl ‘’

actually it says “ya l3ayla” so i assume it could most likely mean girl, but at least now i know that 3aila is also moroccan.

Thanks to the both of ya.

your very welcome :slight_smile: