khssni shwiya d mus3da? 3li kalimat dyal l-7ayawanat. kifash katgulu “goat” u “sheep”. kan3rf “m3za” walakin mrra mrra nas makayfhmunish. bghit n3rf baby goat, male goat, female goat, baby sheep, male sheep, female sheep, and barbary sheep. lla7 y-rhm waladin dyalk.

Mr7ba b khoya! Please feel free to introduce yourself in the new members forum.
Tbarkellah 3lik, kat-hdr Darija mzyan!
M3za is the word for goat, l3jb that people do not understand you! And basically, it’s the same word for male and female, but I’ll have to ask to make sure. Plural is m3az for masucline, and m3zat for feminine.
Coming to think of it, goat is 3anza in MSA, and it does look a little bit different from m3za. But I guess all what looks like it is called so. I really am not sure.
Sheep is 7awli, kimma kangolo f l3id lkbir: nshriw l7awli, ola lkbsh. Plural is 7wala or lkbash.
No idea for barbary sheep!

Hi :slight_smile:

Male goat is : jdî
female goat is : ma3za

male sheep is : 7awli
female sheep is : na3ja

Never heard jdî, but in fos7a.
I thought n3ja would be too MSA :hap:.

I should have tried herding in my childhood :hap:.

Hey Asmaa :stuck_out_tongue: we say na3ja and jdî (not jadyoune lol)…