kima golt lik = like i told you (right?)

so i want more examples where kima is used, instead of, for instance, kif or b7al… thanks

Kima is simply kif + ma = like/as

Kima dima = as always
Kima l 3ada = like the habit/as usually
Kima derti = like u did
Kima bghiti = as u want

Kima also can mean whatever, but the sentence should be complete:

Kima gelti, mashi shoghli = whatever u say, it’s not my business
Kima derti, ma ha njish = whatever u do, i’m not coming

LLAH Y7FDEK, those examples were very useful! gonna write 'em down in the golden notebook :smiley:

good job aisha keep on writing so proud of you:^^:

ma ma3na “Llah y7fdek?” I can guess the first part…

God bless u or God protects u … it can replace even thanx …