khssara 3lik???????

shno za3ma??

moroccans say khssara too?
well Aicha i cant help you right now, but i know this expression…
I’ll think and get back to you :slight_smile:

it was actually an algerian, so i don’t know if its moroccan but they’re similar anyway.

ok thanks sis

look i think khssara alone kinda means Alas, but adding (3lik) we say it when u feel disappointed in that person u’r talking to

[need a correction to get sure]

ok sis thanks a lot, it makes sense

also, if anyone else would like to answer me on this:

wela k7az <— ? what’s k7az, its a response to l3azz, but what is the literal meaning? thanks

In Morocco we only say “Khssara” without “3lik”, which means what Gretchen said.
& sometimes it can also mean simply “a loss”.
Perhaps in Algeria they add “3lik” to specify a person.

“Jib l’3azz wla k7az” = bring glory or get off (move aside) yo yo :okay:

thanks bro

LOL @ yo. gangstaaa

oooh i like it l3azz wla k7az…tbarakallah 3lek pb or someone zidna things that are said with l3azz, like ‘l3azz w lbzz’ i have heard ppl say lol

Lbzz means kids. I never heard l3zz oula lbzz, maybe someone else did.
We call kids lbzz when we want to point to their naughty side. Like: The wedding would have been great, if there wasn’t bzzaf dial lbzz.

Back to LA, someone would say khssara fik had lweqt lli diyy3tou m3ak, for example, meaning: The time I spent with you was a total waste, i.e. you didn’t deserve it. My guess is that khssara 3lik is the same as khssara fik, you just don’t deserve that thing!
On the other side, if nothing is precious enough for someone who deserves all the world, you’d say: machi khssara fik, or ma teghlach 3lik.

@ D-Lover, lbez here is not prounounced as “bazz w bzeyz” , it’s like “bezzez”, so i don’t think that means “kids”

some peopel sometimes invent some thing just to make a good rhyme, regardless if the word has a meaning or not.

where i heard it is if someone is saying to you l3azz like awesome, great, i hope great things for you, and i hope lbzz for you also…l3azz w lbzz w lwizz…etc yeah doesnt make a lot of sense but means i hope you have greatness, i hope you get kids, even the goose, everything…? anyone :unsure: lol

Could be… After all, almalou walbanoun, zinatou al7ayati addonya. So my bezz theory could be right.

bchouia 3leki ya m3lima…

lmalou walbanoun=???
zinatou=its beauty
al7ayati=the? my? life? :hm:
addonya=the world

a phrase? a rhyme? :flag:

what DL said is fus7a first and a sentence from Quran … so its hard to translate it , i’ll look for its translation in the net

oooooooooh so with case endings…now i understand a little better…idan al mal howa money or riches…oop here we go

“Al-mal wa al-banoon zenato al-hayat al-dunya” [Al-Kahf 46] ‘Wealth and children are the ornaments of life on earth’

very well said, sub7anallah

Good job, achminfar9.

well thanks 4 the verse good one…banoun…does this come from b-n-a, like to build or different jathar?

So does anyone know what it means when it said like this " tbarklah 3lik " ?