"KHOYA" hadi lklma ghir mghrebi ???

is the word “khoya” only used by moroccans and algerians or do other certain arabic speaking people use it too? i was listening to a “muslim hiphop” song -which is actually in english- and at the start there was a conversation where two guys were addressing each other with “eh khoya” and i was like whaaaa??? are these people moroccan/algerian? i don’t think they are by the way, hence why i’m asking this question… sooo, do any other people (eg. any gulf/mid east/african people) use “khoya” to refer to a “brother” ???

chukran d’avance =)

First of all, yes when you hear “KHOYA” they’re absolutely from north Africa.

The word in Fos7a is “Akhi”, comes from “akh” (brother), & akhi means my brother…& when you relate that “akh” to someone else, you say “akho” <— & this is where the word “khoya” comes from. for we add “ya” to relae sth to us.

it’s supposed to be “akhoya”, like they say in Egypt, & in the bay they say “akhoy” & “khoy” , in some middle eastern areas like Syria, they simply say “akhi”. in northern Morocco they say “khay”, other morocan accents : khoyyi, khwey, khawa

Thanks for the insight kho, so you’re saying they could have been egyptian too or from the “bay” wherever that is :blink:

Interesting info, i love geographic references and of course i love anything arabic or moroccan :hap:

Salam o chukran

you said you heard them saying “eh khoya”, that “eh” indicates a north african accent.

about the bay, i meant the gulf (arabia)

aha i get it merci khoya

if yo uwanna hear the song yourself maybe search it up somewhere: Slingshot Hiphop

Voila. hear for yourself