Khalid El Daoudi - Omri Man Ansak

Khalid El Daoudi is a dutch-moroccan, he’s a very good voice.

I like this song a lot i think’ it’s a kind of relaxing song :stuck_out_tongue: (it’s not a new song so u might have heard it b4), it’s in Darija, Dutch and little bit of French, and i thought of sharing it with you guys.

Ive uploaded it, you can listen to it b4 downloading:

Hope u’ll enjoy it xD

amazing voice… sounds so relaxing wallahi, thanks for sharing “whome?” hehehe :smiley:

Hehe oups i meant ‘he has a very good voice’ not ‘he’s a good voice’ :smiley:

Yes the song has a really relaxing beat and his voice is good :stuck_out_tongue: too bad that i can’t find other songs made by him

What does ‘whome?’ mean? :blush: is it the arabic pronounciation of ‘homey’ haha :D?

Edit: aha hahaha :oops: lol, i don’t know why i chosed what nickname… i didn’t want my real name there :stuck_out_tongue:

Lolll its all good Tafoukt :cool: whome? yesyou! :stuck_out_tongue: