"KAYN" before or after the subject?

kâyn hicham f d-dâr. (before)

Allah kâyn f kolla blâsa. (after)

Question: are both correct?

negative: ma kâyn sh Donny f s-siber dâbâ. ( is it correct this sentence?)
Donny isn’t at the cyber café now.

             Howa kâyn f d-dâr dyâli.
             he's in his house.

Question: is this “â” like the sound “è”(ouvert) in french?

               kâyn = / kèin/      dyâli= /dièli/

Donny, I think you meant, “He is in my house,” no?

sorry what is the meaning of kayn? thanks :slight_smile:

kayn = there is often used for the english verb to be.