what does it mean?

3afkom w lla7afidkom

‘‘ur smiling’’ in slang

3afakom w lla(h)y7fdkom

always wanted to correct ach’s lla7afidkom, I think I did once, right? and you ach said you liked to say it this way…
Let’s just make it clear once more, no harm, yak?
It’s Allah y7efdek(om) = may God protect you
More commonly pronounced as: llay7efdek(om)

and tfarnis could also mean smirking…
When you do something bad and you try to hide your smile, or when your smile is not appropriate in the context and makes you rather look like you’re making fun of the person or happy for this misfortune, you may be told: katfarnas, yak?

also, a girl might say “oh, I was in the souq the other day, and when I looked at the seller, he was kayfernes at me, yucks”

dl’s back

thanks guys thats a cool one, really perfect context examples DL!
pb choukran as always 4 the corrections

but guys jjjjj i make a lot of mistakes and ask a lot of questions on here!!! i have 2 write out allah y7efdekom every time i need to thank some one on the forum?? too long :fouet:thagarou 3lia:fouet:jjjj…some of my friends say this every time they wanna thank anyone…after a while it just sounds like lafdak

dl’s back
All those for me?
Ye7afdak khoya.

lol @ t7agrou 3lia, khatar you ach.
lafdak? you sure? No, there must be a 77777 inside. La7fdak could be it.

Want another variation with no 7?
Allah yejazik bikhir = May God reward you with “khir”, wealth, good things
Longer, but it’s nice too.