kadwi? shnooo?

salam kol 7ed, what do the following mean?

  • sifti (send?)

  • kadwi (is this a typo?)

  • l9it

  • nasali (eg. ghadi nasali)

all i know is sifti is you sent and l9it or l9eit is i found, both as in a physical object and a feeling

ex: siftini msg sur facebook yak?
you sent me a msg on facebook huh?

l9eit chi 7aja ta7t 7jar!
i found something under a rock!

keif jat lak lmaghariba? l9eithom drifin a7san nass.
how did you like the moroccan people? i found them to be kind, fun to be around; the best people.

i think so but u know lalla dont take it from me

we don’t say “kol 7ed”, u can say “salam kolkom” or “salam li lkoll” :ok:

Sifti: if it means “send” it shoud’ve been sayfti or seyfti perhaps the person just didn’t care how to spell it & it means actually “send”.
but “sifti” <— with this spelling, means: my look, my face, my manner.

Kadwi: doesn’t sound like anything exept “ka tedwi” = you’re talking/she’s talking

l9it: i found

nasali : if it’s nsali, then it’s “i finish”, if it’s nsalli, it’s “i pray”

and kadwi or something like it sounds mad familiar??

oops nvm pb gotchu

thanks guys!!! listen when it comes to casawis you’ll find 18738494844 different types of spelling :stuck_out_tongue: sifti was actually sayfti ie. send

llah y7fdkom