kaab al ghazal


do you know about this sweet? they are like cookies with almond filling. i found the recipe on a book and i tried it today
the result is not so bad.

ofcourse i do :smiley:

nice and soft :slight_smile:

bssa7a :slight_smile:

but what can i responde to bssa7a? :unsure: i say "bssa7a " again?

u say : allah ya3tik sa7a :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: do you care to share with us the recipe? or do you just want to keep it to yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on getting it right! Bssa7a o ra7a :smiley:

oh sure…i’ll post it,but i googled a bit for the recipe and i found different types… doh!
Thank you MarocRulz for the bsa7a reply…:smiley:

your welcome sarahzina, anytime :slight_smile:

here is my recipe,but i found diffrent types on internet…are them all right? :blink:

500 gr. wheat flour
500 gr. peeled almonds
150 gr. sugar
50 gr butter
2 tablespoons orange blossom water

ground almonds and mix them with sugar,cinnamon and orange flower water. mix in the butter so it’s possible to make 6 cm long rounded “sausages” (lol ) and 1,5 cm wide. stirr and work for about 10 minutes flour,little salt and 1/2 litre handwarm water. flatten the paste and cut it in stripes 10 cm wide. put a piece of the almond mix in the middle of the stripe,bend the paste over the filling and cut with a knife the remaining paste.
put the “cookies” in half moon shape.
put on a buttered and cook in oven at mid temperature for 10-15 min. after that put on a plate and sprinkle orange water blossom and icing sugar.

the recipe is hiya hadik :stuck_out_tongue: so where is the problem

ka3b loghzal is my fav sweet, i didn’t eat it for a long time, i’ll ask mom to make it for me since sarahzina2 didn’t share :expressionless:
bssa7a orra7a, enjoy the sweet sis :slight_smile:

good lob sarah . tbarkellah 3lik
kaab alghazaal is very popular sweet in morocooc
and I don’t think that someone don’t know it
for me I don’t find this kind kind of sweet in comparison with a choclate ones
mmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious

you respend and say lah ya2tik saha :ok: