machi ana hadik
ana zweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeena
ktaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar menha

yes me too i delete them … if u wanna send me an email matjme3nich m3a che3b :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome back sister :wink:


7etta ana tanebghi el vip treatment
za3ma l3ilaj elvippiwwi


wa faaaaaaaaaaayn a mad!!!

VIP ??? ze3ma Very Idiot Person ??? hhhhh ok je voi de koi tu parles lol
non ana machi b7alk ds ce cas la :stuck_out_tongue:

hhhhhhhhhhh @ Very Idiot Person

der dats btta :cool:

thnx mini :slight_smile:

ps- plz change ur profile pic :frowning:

N Why isat? I lyk it :slight_smile: ama search 4 anova scary emo one :wink: nywayz u chnage urs dat weird faced boy has had his time in da lime light lol

ok change urs n ill change mine :stuck_out_tongue:


you two remind me of… :^^: not gonna say it for mini’s sake :wink:

both of you change it, chimown. :bounce:

yes 7abibty i remind u of u of wen u fight wid mad, i know i know :wink:

fine ill change it but u btta change urs or ama change it bak :cool:

jjjjj that’s not actually what i was going to say :stuck_out_tongue: but i promised you to keep my mouth shut :smiley: and imma keep that promise :wink:

Life’s a Witch -lol- cute, but it needs some colour

I know I know m3leich :wink:

Don’t be silly hun u can say wateva u want ill just let it blow me by :smiley: I think its cute, greyish but cute doubt ill have it 4 long tho :stuck_out_tongue:

lolll ok im loookin for a new pic :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya rabbi!! :blink: Mad change ur pic right now its revoltin!! :yuck: Come on dude! Now I wish dat weird boy was back :hm:

Nice siggy :hap: good thing it aint referrin 2 u :cool:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry i cant find the old pic :S
im still lookin :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol of all da avatars in da world u went n chose dat 1 lol :stuck_out_tongue:

duuuude that was my hobby when i was child :smiley: … well maybe even now who knows hhhhhhhh

oh god lyk dis avatar is any btta :no: cant u choose sth nice? or sth typical lyk a car lol

hhhhhhhhhhhh no sorry :stuck_out_tongue: cars remind me of chicks :smiley: