just one more, please

does any of you know the meaning of this?

awah kifach had lf3ayle
a roujoula

shukran bzzaf

I sure know :wink:

fchkl = Strange.

awah kifach had lf3ayle = Wow! How did these mistakes happen?
F3ayl, plural of f3la, a deed… actually, a bad one. I used the word “mistake” to generalize.

a roujoula = Manhood.

lafdk (thanks), is it possible to use a roujoula to say goo-bye?

Allah i7fdk = May God protect you. Indeed prunounced as llay7fdk, and comes out as la7fdk.
[Just explaining the expression for anyone else who doesn’t know it :)]

Oh no, you can’t use “rojoola” as “good bye”. If you can give me the whole sentence, maybe I can see better. But you got the meaning of the word itself anyways.

Medusa, you should click on “post reply” instead of “report”. Your message was sent to me, and it wasn’t published on the forum. In case you were wondering…

I think that the two guys were just teasing each other or something.
“Soit fachkl” = Be strange/unique/different.