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[color=#3918e6]Salam Alaikum all, [/color]

[color=#3918e6]Sorry I haven’t been here as much- I will have another Dr. appoinment this Thursday-( i haven’t met this one yet- ) Plz keep me in ur Dua’s… This will determine my final evaulation on how the Doctor will rate my work injury disability weither i will return back to my work or get into some vocational retraining in something else-Its been a long depressing 2 yrs in battle with Dr.'s -Therapy- Workers Comp. Insurances company etc… Surgery for now is out of the question since there is no guarentee on the out come and also to risky dealing with a cervical neck injury- i might go ahead and do the one for my shoulder to take some pressure of spasm pain-- still praying on that… I am like 2-3 weeks behind on a few things here online. :frowning: trying to catch up as time premits me-and being on medication (thats makes me sleep alot) really keeps me from being online as much. Al7amdulillah 4 everything we pass through :ok:
Always, J… [/color]

Wa 3alaykom assalâm.
First of all, nice look with the avatar, and colored message :).

I am glad to see you checking in from time to time. I hope that you hear good news from your doctor, inshallah all good.
Feel better, and give us of your news :).

[color=#c935c0]I don’t know the final out come of everything-Until the Dr. sends his report and findings out to the Insurance Company- But, he did tell me he will not allow me to return back to my work- and that he will suggest i get re-train (vocational schooling in a different field) Means- i wil have to start all over in my life in a different career. Al7amdulillah for all things…[/color]

As we say in Arabic, qaddara Allaho wa ma sha2a fa3al. It’s all for your good inshallah.

I am sorry to hear about your long 2 years battle with everything, JayLynn, but I confident that you are a strong fighter, and that you will get well soon in sha Allah.
Keep us posted about how it all goes.

Allah yjib shifa, w lli fiha lkhir.